Manage Your Stress by Managing Your Phone

scary-phone-571eb7e75f9b58857d622739Here’s a pet peeve and a tip. Sometimes when cell phones go off at a conference or elsewhere, it’s a true emergency. But more often than not, it’s something that could have waited. How many times has a staff member called or texted you about something supposedly urgent that could have easily waited until you were in the office or could have been handled by email? Probably most of the time. Being available 24/7 is just not healthy. Let your staff know that it is only in dire emergencies when they should call or text. Otherwise, it can wait.

And I don’t want to sound judgemental here, but you have to ask yourself a serious question–are they calling because they have not been given the power, confidence, or training they need to work on your staff? If the answer to any of these is yet, you need to work to correct the situation.

To lessen the stress even more, turn off your notifications and, no matter what, keep that phone on silent pretty much 100% of the time. You’ll be happier for it. If it is a work cell phone, then only answer it when you are working and put it away all other times.


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