Contact and Signature Items

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.04.13 PMMake sure your website and email signatures have these major components: Your name, mailing address, email addresas, website URL, and telephone number (s).

And make sure it’s on every page or at least a link on every page listed as “Contact.” Sounds simple and logical, right? However, I have been frustrated many times over, as you probably have as well, when it is unclear how I can get in touch with a person. That includes web pages and emails.

When doing a signature in an email, be sure it is text and not part of a graphic. The reason is that text can be copied and pasted if someone needs to do that. Additionally, if you type out an address or telephone number, most email clients and smartphones will recognized that, which make it easier to locate you or call you with a simple click or tap.

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