Passion Is Personal: Being Part of the Conversation


Meeting on the stage at Carver Hall, Bloomsburg University

What a fantastic set of meetings so far with old and new colleagues from across Pennsylvania. Thanks to all those who attended and hosted and especially for sharing so great ideas. You are all doing impressive and important work and your passion and dedication are infectious.

To fill everyone in, as part of my work with PA Presenters, we are reaching out to as many touring performing arts professionals as we can. We want to hear what’s going well, what the organization needs to do better, and what our members are up to. So, we have recently held meetings in Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Bloomsburg, York, and Butler with about 45 colleagues. Meetings are planned for Pittsburgh and Blue Bell in the fall and happy to hold others throughout PA and bordering states if anyone would like to host. Let me know.

But the big takeaway here is what I want to address. We must meet each other. We absolutely must. We must talk, face to face. The passion and dedication I mentioned and the brainstorming that resulted cannot be communicated on social media or by email, or by conference call. You have to meet your colleagues, no matter what your profession may be.

It is personal, and it is when we meet that projects begin, and we understand we are not alone. We reinforce our knowledge that there is someone out there who has traveled the path or who needs company along the way. Or maybe you are part of a huge organization or company that can share your experiences with the up and coming colleague or that struggling organization.

So, I am unabashedly promoting PA Presenters and its upcoming conferences, but also any convergence that bring people together to advance thought and processes. There are others around the country, but my heart was born and lives in Pennsylvania.

Because you are passionate and dedicated, you can find the money and the time. If you are involved in the touring performing arts, you owe it to yourself, your staff, your artists, your community, your colleagues to be there at both the fall and spring conferences. Whether you present one event a year or dozens or represent yourself as an artist or promote a full roster, join in the conversation. You and your colleagues will take it from there.

PA Presenters Spring Conference and Retreat June 5-7 and their Mid-Atlantic Performing Arts Market November 8-10.


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