A New Client with Mosby Music

Mosby_500Since I retired just a little over a year ago and started consulting as Raising Arts, I have been privileged to work on projects with dozens of artists, managers, and presenters. Tomorrow, on Monday, August 6, 2018, I add Mosby Music Group, LLC. to that proud list.

A boutique roster of artists including music and dance, I first became familiar with this great operation a few years ago at a NAPAMA retreat. Since then, the performers I have met from the roster have impressed me as, of course, highly talented, but also engaged, personal, highly interactive as musicians and entertainers, and employing the highest professional standards.

Joanie and Todd Mosby have asked me to work on a part-time basis representing their work in primarily the East Coast territory. I will be at the Performing Arts Exchange September 30-October 4 in Orlando, the Mid-Atlantic Performing Arts Exchange (with a Marketplace Table) November 8-10 in Lancaster, PA, and at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals in early January.

HeFQid7LQXgcb94xoFfcAXGjoNdCp8TJdfJQL.jpgEspecially if you are an East Coast presenter, let’s talk. Just email me at my Mosby email: hank@mosbymusicgroup.com or call me at 724-422-5757.  I can fill you in more about what excites me about this new track as part of my consultant work.

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