Still Here!

It’s been awhile since I posted; but I am still here. And for now, I will be staying “here”–home, safe, but still engaged. Like many, I have cleaned out closets, discovered old photos, learned how diverse online ordering options can be, found high-tech friends like DoorDash and Zoom, and discovered new things to watch, cook, clean, and fix.

At the same time, I have stayed as engaged as possible with colleagues and clients in this wonderful world of the Arts. My work with NAPAMA continues full speed as a Board Member, especially assisting with and hosting a few webinars, working with colleagues on restructuring our membership, and other activities. At the top of the list is being the Retreat Director for the 2021 Agents and Managers Retreat. We are moving forward with a cautious but positive attitude. I am also excited about work through the next few months with the Altoona Community Theatre and several smaller projects with other clients.

But we all know it’s not the same for any of us. But we also know that the Arts will come back strong and the creative minds behind us for centuries are at work finding new ways to keep the Arts truly alive.

We cannot give up. We know that other countries are rebounding already and supporting the Arts and its citizens like never before. The U.S. for now, lacks leadership to rebound the way others have, but we can get through this while we work together as the Arts has always done.

Be proactive, sign petitions, contact your legislators, donate what you can to your favorite Arts charities and pro-Arts candidates, write to your local editor, fight for the cause on social media. Do whatever you can to spread the word. And, vote. Do it by mail or in person, whatever way makes you feel comfortable. Don’t let your voice go unheard.

Be safe. Be well.

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