A Presenter’s Look at Virtual Showcasing

With APAP just around the corner, showcasing is certainly going to be a new ballgame this year. We experienced it some with a few fall conferences including AMW-WAA. But it is still something that challenges all of us. How can I help?

Over the years, I have seen hundreds and juried dozens more showcases for a variety of conferences. During the online showcases, I will be glad to give you an honest run down of your showcase and thoughts on how to best present your work the next time around. I may also be available in advance to critique your work in advance if you are able to livestream a rehearsal or provide a video before you take the virtual stage. And, together, we can brainstorm what will work best for you while enticing the presenter to consider booking you.

For just $75, you will receive my honest, informed, and constructive verbal critique on a Zoom call within 24 hours of the showcase as mutually scheduled, sooner if necessary. Just email me your day and time, and I will confirm my availability quickly, Please email me and will schedule times for viewing and review. If you are doing more than one, let’s make a deal!

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