We Rise Again

It has been a long two years for all of us, especially those in the performing arts industry. That, of course, sounds somewhat trite, an understatement, and an echo of the obvious. But as we learn both to deal with it and live with the pandemic, we need to remind ourselves of the power of shared support from our colleagues. Let us never lose a grip on what it has meant and move forward in the spirit of coopetition.

As I look towards connecting with my old friends and establishing new ones in person at the NAPAMA Retreat May 15-17 in New Orleans, I envision a stunning future for all of us. It is a unique time to take what we have learned over the last couple years and find ways to infuse new excitement in and for the arts.

Agents are booking more and more tours. Artists are getting back on the road. Presenters have and continue to reopen their venues. Audiences are returning. Just yesterday, there was an article shared online explaining how ticket costs are rising due to a combination of inflation as well as audience demand.

Humans are social beings, most of whom need interaction beyond Zoom and Facebook, beyond Facetime and conference calls. Following crises in our past that have shut down regions, countries, and the world, communities have shown over and over that they will and do need the arts.

The pandemic has and continues to impact every citizen on the planet. But there are parts of this world that are reeling from other disasters, most horrifically in the Ukraine. The people are being suppressed and silenced. Those voices, and the artists that carry their message, will rise back into the world order. As we have been there for each other during the pandemic, we need to be standing with our Ukrainian colleagues and be ready, now and always, to restore their strength and importance in their country and in our world.

We rise again in the voices of our song. (Leon Dubinsky)

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