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Me with NYC artist Chris Beckman

This is such a broad category that I hesitate to even give examples. So, I would like to start by asking “what is your challenge?” If I don’t feel I can help you solve that challenge, I will say so and recommend where you can seek advice.

But here is a short list of possibilities with which I feel most experienced and may ignite other thoughts:

  • Performing Arts Showcasing Critique and Coaching: What do you need to grab the attention of presenters in a 10-20 minute showcase or even a 90-second video or virtual presentation? I have seen hundreds of showcases and adjudicated dozens and know what most presenters want. Check out my blog post on my overriding thoughts about showcasing. And although the delivery method may be in flux as we continue to move through and past the pandemic, the need from presenters remains relatively constant.
  • Board Development: Who should be on your board, what power should they have, how much should they contribute, are they a decision-making or advisory focused group, and how do you get them and keep them engaged?
  • Artist Booking: With a wealth of knowledge about both the talent and presenting sides of the business, I am able to assist presenters in booking their seasons from curatorial advice to negotiating and scheduling to offer submission and contracting. Whatever your needs are in this process, let’s talk.
  • Outreach: What works in your community or your campus to get buy-in for your organization, your performances, your artists, your events? How can you overcome challenges of our increasingly complicated education system? How do you evaluate your activities? And from an agent/manager/artist perspective, what types of outreach are in your comfort zone and how best to promote that to your clients.
  • Mentoring: If you are new to this work as a touring artist, presenter, agent, manager, or organization leader, let me help you get off the ground. And if your rostered artists need to understand the process in more detail, I can be that third-party voice to support your work.
  • Messaging Critique: Are your printed materials, web site, logos, videos, social media content, and other materials saying what you want them to say? What about messages your staff and other stakeholders are telescoping?
  • Audience Engagement: How can you keep audiences engaged and meet your attendance and impact goals? How can artists help provide that engagement? How does live feed performance help or hinder your activities as an artist or presenter?
  • Strategic Planning: Certainly an overused and often misunderstood concept, but the essence of “strategic planning” is born out of a need to keep moving forward, making your work relevant and dynamic. Do you have a mission, a vision, goals, purpose, direction? Is it a dynamic, adaptive plan? Do you need to take an audit of your mission and goals? And what are the short-term needs for planning for the long-term?
  • Press Kit and EPK Analysis: Is your arsenal of press materials ample to convince presenters to book your artist and is it what presenters need to sell tickets? What is best to compile into an Electronic Press Kit? As a presenter, do you have the right content and materials to engage your audiences and sell seats?
  • Management Practices: Is your operation functioning smoothly? Is your communication among your staff or roster optimal? What about your tools for evaluation of all resources?
  • Budget Analysis: Is your budget based on reality and with enough forward funds in case of that wallet-busting emergency?
  • Tour Advance and Management: As an artist or artist manager, you may be overwhelmed with advancing the hospitality aspects of a tour or even just a single engagement. I am a stickler for organization and communication, so put your faith in my experience. I can also assist with being an on-site company manager for part or all of a tour.
  • Political Advocacy: How is your organization poised to advance the need for public support and political awareness on the local and state level? Are you effectively reaching your elected officials? How can you best support the cause of the arts in our society as a seller or as a buyer?
  • Artist Appreciation: An odd titled subject, but how many artists really understand the business side of touring? Are you an agent or manager that struggles to get your artists to appreciate the work involved in your getting bookings for them? How can I help you help them in understanding the totality of our business?
  • Field Representation: Do you need someone to represent you at a festival, at a performance, scout a prospective artist for your roster, or gather information don’t have the time or the staff to cover it all?
  • What else? I don’t pretend to be able to help in every situation, but I do possess a problem-solving, positive attitude. So, let’s talk.
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Bernadette Peters, Fisher Auditorium