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Page 2 of 2015-16 Lively Arts brochure, IUP
2015-16 IUP Lively Arts brochure, copy and design

You are your word, so your words count. And for every type of vehicle out there, there is yet another way to say it. Radio spot copy is not the same as it is for television or a press release. Web copy is not the same as it is for your brochure. Copy for a sponsor packet is not the same as for a mailer to private donors. A print ad is different from anything else as are letters, post cards, and other items.

Another question is where does it go? Is a mailer still effective, is email where the message goes, or is it on your web or social media? Hint: the answer is a combination of all of the above both as seller and buyer.

But simultaneously, all copy must relate and connect to what you are promoting, your mission, and your purpose.

I can help whether it is one piece or a suite of pieces surrounding one theme, artist or roster, event, service, or product. We will work together to develop what will be the best way to advance your message in a succinct, inviting way. Just tell me what you are working to promote and to what audience, and I will lead the way.

Copy Disclaimer

Fundraising piece for Indiana County Humane Society, inside spread.