My Regular Services

I have broken down my services into three areas as follows working with agents, managers, presenters, artists, and organizations in a variety of sectors:

  • Consultant Work: Such as planning, season negotiation and booking, management practices, mission creation and development, board development, web content review, showcase critiques, advising, assessment, electronic promo kit (EPK), and the like. This is a broad category that has infinite possibilities.
  • Graphic Design: All things visual including digital and printed and branding style guides.
  • Copy Composition: The written word and messaging for every place your message appears and related vehicles.

Clients served since starting Raising Arts in 2017 include NAPAMA, PA Presenters, Oxford Performing Arts Center (AL), Pennsylvania Consort, Lively Arts at IUP, South Arts (GA), Mosby Music Group, General Arts Touring, Andersen Arts Group, Indiana Arts Council, Firsson, WV Dance Company, Altoona Community Theatre, and over a dozen other artist agencies, managers, and individual touring artists.