Wall mural, Old San Juan PR. Decoupage?
Just a vacation shot. Wall mural, Old San Juan PR.

Before establishing fees, I did an extensive search online to see what colleagues might charge for similar services. What I found were fees much higher than I am comfortable charging. You are my colleagues and I am ultimately looking to make a positive difference. So, I will keep my fees low. Just know that you and I  start with what your needs are and what is your budget. We move on from there.

My flat rate is $50.00 an hour. That said, there is room for flexibility depending on your budget, needs, consulting grants, common organizational ties, and the like. Following an initial discussion, a proposal and quote are generated in anticipation of coming to an agreement. For something as singular as a print ad, that would be in the neighborhood of 2-3 hours from initial design consultation, to layout drafts, to final execution. If we establish a template for future ads, then there is less time and less cost for future work.

A more involved project such as a 16-page brochure would be closer to 16 or more hours depending on what graphics you need me to find or how much I would need to alter yours to make the piece printer ready. It would also depend on the complexity of the design you prefer, page size, and any need for copy composition or editing. Any clip art, illustrations, or photographs purchased would be billed to you at cost.

I can have your copy reviewed by an expert editor as a double check. The cost will range from $10 for a single ad up to $100 or more for more complex pieces. It will be the client’s responsibility to secure all rights of any copy, images, logos, and marks used in the piece. Additionally, it final correct copy will be the client’s responsibility.

beckman with guests18
Reception at Artists Hand Gallery as kick off to the Chris Beckman Project

For consultation services such as site visits, board development, artist showcase critiques and coaching, other critiques, strategic planning, and similar work, the rate stays the same but the number of hours will vary greatly. A written critique of your website, for instance, could take 3-4 hours where an on site visit with a written report could be 20-40 hours and above. Onsite visits would also require reimbursement of travel costs including transportation and lodging. Per diem is generally not requested.

Our initial conversation is free. It’s not until we both agree that I can help you and you receive a formal proposal and estimate that your time begins to be logged. Payment is generally preferred through check or PayPal and invoices can be easily supplied. For longer projects, a payment plan will be determined and deposits are sometimes required.

The minimum charge is one hour estimated and billed in one-hour increments.

Raising Arts will retain all design projects and become the property of Raising Arts. For a fee, the client can purchase all graphic projects with related and linked files (excluding purchased fonts). This fee will be at approximately $100 per page or $200 per 2-page single side spread with an average page size of 8.5″ x 11″.

Email or call (724)-422-5757.

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