cropped-ra_squarebrown_500.jpgI am confident there is a very long list of ways how I can help you. But there are other things that may not be in my arsenal of expertise. I will be honest with you and make sure we don’t delve into something that does not significantly address your needs.

Advising on web content is a definite strength as is day-to-day maintenance assistance; but I will usually leave the mechanics of design to someone else. I leave legal advice to the lawyers, fiscal and payroll management to the accountants, visa processing to international experts, healthy guidance to the science experts, and facilities design and maintenance to the engineers and architects.

Regarding COVID-19, I can assist you in brainstorming ideas to address how the pandemic has impacted your artists, your staffs, your audiences, and more, and how to find answers to the challenges we continue to face. However, I am not a medical expert, a public health official, or a legal advisor and would leave that advice to those in the field who have solutions and processes based in fact, science, and history.

Helping artists, agents, presenters, and organizations grow and shine.