cropped-ra_squarebrown_500.jpgThere are many things that I feel confident with which I can help you. But there are other things that are may not be in my arsenal of expertise. I will be honest with you and make sure we don’t delve into something where I don’t feel you will get the best advice you can.

I can advise with confidence about your web content and its look. But I leave web design and all that entails to the technical experts. Similarly, I can advise on the content and need for social media. However, for placement, boosting, and other social media based exposure, I suggest you find a person or firm in your immediate region who understands the process, area trends, and local markets.

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I also leave legal advice to the lawyers, fiscal and payroll management to the accountants, visa processing to international experts, and facilities management to the engineers and architects. And if you are looking at surveys, I can advise on tools, general concepts, and needs. However, to do a survey that is scientifically and mathematically accurate, you should seek professionals in statistics and data analysis.