Copy Disclaimer

I feel that writing well with proper grammar and punctuation is one of my strong suits, thanks mostly to Mrs. Sprandel in 10th grade English!

However–and an ironic fact of life for most, I suppose–is that I am less accurate as my own proofreader. You will receive copy in the best form possible; but it will be your responsibility to double check all copy including days, dates, and other details prior to submission to the printer.

If there are any last-minute typos that are my error and found before it goes to print, they will be corrected quickly and for free. For an additional fee of $10 for an ad and up to $100 for a major brochure, I can have an expert professional editor look over the copy before it goes to print to lessen the chance for errors.  However, the client remains responsible for any typographical or other errors missed once it has been submitted to the printer or other outlet.

For your information, I will usually follow the Chicago and Turabian style manuals for general copy and AP style for press writing.