Your contact is me, Hank Knerr. I admit it. I don’t use any title such as “CEO,” Chairman,” “President.” or “Founder.” “Hank” is what I prefer.

There is no royal “we” in this office: it’s just “me.” In fact. my office is pretty much where ever I am sitting with my computer on my lap. I don’t have a fake multiple-line phone with routing from one department to the next–meaning from me to me.

I may call on one of my trusted and able colleagues to assist from time to time, but you will be dealing directly with me and pretty much only me.  So get in touch. We I will be be waiting.

Hank Knerr
423 Risinger Road
Indiana, PA 15701
Fax: Does anyone still use a fax? Let me know, and will set one up.

Email me at